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01 June 2014

The Russian aesthetic medicine market of aesthetics is difficult to quantify due to a lack of official bodies to regulate the market and, therefore, accurate statistics.

Based on EmergentSky’s study conducted in 2014, the total Russian market for aesthetic surgical and non-surgical treatments in 2013 was estimated at nearly 600 million USD with over a million of aesthetic treatments performed. While 880 thousand of aesthetic treatments were non-invasive and 130 thousand plastic surgeries were performed, the plastic surgery market accounted for over 55% of the overall Russian aesthetic market value (335 million USD) and the non-surgical was valued at 260 million USD.

The overall market growth in 2013 was 7%, lower than previous years double-digit growth, with plastic surgical procedures growing at over 8% and non-invasive aesthetic treatments at over 6%. Facelifts and eyelid procedures were growing the fastest among plastic surgeries, while facelifts with threads, PRP and skin laser treatments among non-invasive procedures

Out of 130 thousand plastic surgeries performed in Russia in 2013, the most popular surgeries remain breast augmentation, eyelid surgery and nose reshaping. Among 880,000 non-invasive treatments, the top treatments performed by physicians are facial line corrections treatments (with botulinum injections, mesotherapies, derma fillers and biorevitalisation), skin laser resurfacing and permanent hair laser removal.

In terms of market value, the highest contributors to revenues of aesthetic clinics and practitioners are breast augmentation, nose reshaping and facelifts among plastic surgeries and botulinum injections, skin laser treatments and derma fillers among non-surgical aesthetic treatments

The future growth of aesthetics surgical and non-surgical market is mainly driven by the growth of regions, facilitated by increasing number of qualified physicians, currency exchange rate and the influx of the well-established players to the region.

Emergentsky’s 2013 Russia Aesthetics Market Report examines the Russian market for aesthetic treatments including aesthetic plastic surgery and the most popular non-surgical aesthetic procedures such as facial line correction with BT/DF injections and biorevitalisation, skin and hair removal laser treatments, rejuvenation and lifting treatments The key objective is to provide a comprehensive analysis of the current status of aesthetic treatments market in Russia in terms of the growth and size of its main segments, local market structure and key players.

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02 March 2010

The Indian economy is raising a lot of interest globally given its growing statistics of the highest disposable incomes and increase in the number of millionaires. India is home to 167 thousand millionaires, some of the richest men in the world are living there...
With the fastest growing high net worth individuals in the Asian region the number of people with over US $1 million in net assets grew in 2008 at a roaring 22% despite the recession. The country’s “super rich” are a group largely comprising of entrepreneurs, wealthy farmers and political middlemen whose fortunes depend on the domestic economy, which grew at 7% even during the slowdown.

So can India be the next China for the luxury goods consumption and brands?

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10 October 2009

Poland has been the only country in Europe experiencing a positive GDP growth during the first 3 quarters of 2009. Along with the handful of countries like China and India, Poland is seeing positive rates of development despite the challenging times of economic downturn when global markets are forced to face effects of the recession.

The question remains: what is so different about Poland compared to the rest of Europe and even the rest of the world economies and what are the favourable economic drivers and conditions in the country?

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