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Who We Are ?
EmergentSky is a boutique strategy consulting services provider with expertise in Emerging Markets.

Founded by management consultants experienced in advising global Fortune 100 businesses, EmergentSky combines broad functional knowledge across industry sectors with years of practical expertise in all facets of Emerging-Market business growth.

We provide support to companies seeking to participate, invest and accelerate business growth in the most dynamic economies and growth sectors in developing-country markets.

EmergentSky offers business leaders and investors practical advice on:

  • Potential & Feasibility of Target Market & Industry Sector
  • Effective Market Entry Models
  • Local Partner / Supplier Selection
  • Emerging Market Growth Strategies
  • Business Performance Improvement
  • Attractive Investments, Merger & Acquisition Targets

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Our approach ensures the most reliable unique insights and customized business solutions by leveraging comprehensive networks of in-country experts & local specialists and proprietary analytical models.

With track record of 50+ projects in Emerging Markets, EmergentSky consulting team is specialized in dealing with developing-country environments, related challenges and business dynamics.

Industry Experts:
Local Analysts & Specialists
Experienced Consultants:
Senior Advisors:
Network of local experts across industries generates reliable market insights

One-on-one contacts with more than 100 experts in Eastern Europe & Asia

Internally developed contact
data base is used to search for
local capabilities and support
relevant to your segment &
business needs
Research team

(industry specialists) has native language capabilities and local market knowledge

Our core team has hands- on project experience in developing growth strategies, performing business analysis and conducting in-depth market research in Emerging Markets, thus, acting as
trusted advisors to clients.

Our advisory board consists
of a business executive, a known strategy academic and a public sector opinion leader (supporting international trade)

Board embers give strategic direction to EmergentSky and support execution of selected