Russian Market News

Where We Are ?
EmergentSky capabilities and resource networks cover the following geographic markets:

  • CEE / SEE countries (incl. Poland, Czech Republic, Baltics, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia)
  • Russia
  • CIS countries (incl. Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan)
  • India
  • Asian and South American countries (incl. China, Argentina, Brazil)

EmergentSky offers regional market competence in the most dynamic developing economies (like India, China and Russia) including on-the-ground resources in tier 2 cities, provinces and country regions.

We are dynamically growing company founded by two managers experienced in specifics of marketing and strategic business development work in Russia. We are supported by large network of partners all over the Russian Federation including experienced interviewers, analysts and marketing and training specialists.

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With on-the-ground consulting team as well as a pool of experts and research partners in India, we have enabled several Fortune 500 companies discover regional markets, to compete and expand in India. Additionally, we work with major Indian corporations supporting their in-country and international growth strategies.

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