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Local Experts

EmergentSky is able to uncover high-impact insights on developing regions by pulling together sources such as in-market researchers, associations, local industry insiders and analysts.

A proprietary contacts database is used by the EmergentSky consulting team to locate and engage on-site researchers and analysts capable in specified technical/ business areas. On-the-ground specialists conduct in-depth market research and primary data gathering.

EmergentSky engages researchers / analysts that:

  • Have native language capabilities
  • Industry / market knowledge
  • Are based in targeted region
  • Have research experience and business/industry background

A proprietary Expert Network is a key component of EmergentSky research methodology that helps us produce focused market insights and reliable data in a time efficient manner.

The EmergentSky Expert Network stretches across industries and markets and consists of industry opinion leaders that are engaged as-and-when needed for a quick telephone interview, remote support or extended on-site work.We are continuing to build relationships with the highest calibre individuals and grow existing network reach.

Examples of Experts we use:

India Russia
Retail Sector Chemicals
  • Sales and marketing of foods & beverages in India
  • Distribution and retail channel management
  • Petrochemicals sourcing in Russia
  • Chemicals & Plastics market development in Eastern Europe

Additionally, we have developed relationships with a number of specialized in-market research firms and associations that offer access to numerous primary and secondary sources, hard-to-find market data and tested research methodologies based on in-depth understanding of country-specific environments.

Some of our existing on-the-ground research partner companies: