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Emerging Markets Corporations
EmergentSky works with several leading corporations in Consumer Goods, Industrial products, Cosmetics, Foods and Beverages and Chemicals sectors in developing markets supporting both their regional operations and international growth plans.

Emerging Markets Corporations seek support from our consulting team, expert networks and our highly regarded international partners in research and consulting when:

  • Considering entering North American and European markets
  • Assessing opportunities in other Emerging Markets
  • Identifying and adapting best practices from industry leaders
  • Identifying growth opportunities in their own markets

Example client type Support provided by EmergentSky Consultants
Consumer Goods Company (Primarily Operating in India)
  • Helped an Indian consumer goods company evaluate the potential of Eastern European market entry and to prioritize key opportunities for investment
  • Provided the client with an understanding of the market setup, potential and size on country-by-country basis, local competition and availability of potential acquisition targets
Beverages Producer (India & Bhutan)
  • Engaged with The Client in decision making of investing in setting up a manufacturing plant in Bhutan and India.
  • Conducted the initial general assessment of market potential and verified these findings with external local sources to ensure that the decisions are based on accurate fact-base
  • Evaluated return on investment and potential revenue flows
Multi-Sector Conglomerate’s Retail Group (Primarily Operating in South Asia)
  • Helped the client to assess attractiveness and viability of a new retail concept on the local market as well as internationally (focusing on Eastern Europe)
  • Validated the initial concept with identified consumer groups
CEO of Tea Conglomerate (South East Asia)
  • Helped the management assess the opportunity and feasibility of opening a new business , hot tea shops, in India
  • Identified and studied target consumer groups and similar competing retail concepts
CEO of Consumer Goods Company (Primarily Operating in South Asia)
  • Assisted in Growth Strategy Planning and Opportunity Prioritization in CEE and SEE regions
  • Screened and evaluated potential local acquisition targets in selected priority countries