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Developed Markets Corporations
Companies that realize the most from the Emerging Markets strategies and the short- and long-term opportunities in developing countries are those that allocate appropriate resources to building knowledge of market dynamics, aggregate reliable data on emerging-market customer segments and drive decision making with focused analysis and local business intelligence.

EmergentSky experts help multinational corporations and mid-size businesses from developed countries make vital decisions on every stage of emerging market entry and expansion by delivering valuable actionable data and unique information solutions in real time.

We support US, European and global players across industry sectors to develop winning strategies in India, Russia & CIS, Poland and other Emerging Markets.

Example client type Support provided by EmergentSky Consultants
International Business Development Team (Chemical Industry)
  • Supported Development of Growth Strategy in Eastern Europe by prioritising growth opportunities and potential across industries in over 10 CEE countries
Head of EMEA Sales Management Team (Pharma)
  • Verified Company's and Distributors' estimates of Eastern European markets size and growth potential with external sources;
  • Mapped customer universe and identified Growth Opportunities in Complex Markets such as Russia and Poland
International Business Management Team (Industrial Goods)
  • Supported Development of go-to-market strategy and selection of local partners in Russia
  • Validated distribution model and designed channel strategy in China and Russia